Friday, June 30, 2006

Winners never quit...

I guess that makes me a loser because I quit my job yesterday.

I've had a really educational time at Rabo, and in a lot of ways I'm going to be sorry to go. Weighing in at 2 years service, it's the second longest job I've had, which isn't bad for something that started as a 3 month contract. But I think from a technical perspective I've learned everything that I'm going to there, and being a small bank, there's not a lot of scope for me to move into anything else. Since I couldn't get the secondment to the US, I'm limited to what I can learn in London.

I've learnt a lot besides just technical stuff, and I've very proud of some of the things I've put in place. I've also found that not only don't I suck at documentation, but I actually enjoy writing good documents. I love that anyone with half a brain can just pick up the stuff I've written and get on with the job. Sure... the thank you messages I occasionally get for my documents on always gave me a nice buzz and made me feel good, but there's something to be said for watching someone fail an entire Internet Banking solution from production to DR without having to ask any additional questions!

I'm totally confident in pretty much anyone's ability to take over what I've done there and run with it. I've kept it simple (stoopid!) and I've used industry standards wherever possible. My RPMs are all self documenting and I've only got two changelogs to update before I'm done. I've got a stack of documentation of policies, procedures and escalation practices to finish on the Grid, but even that is largely self sustaining (unless we stick the Zeist engines on... then it just blows up... but I'll fix that before I go).

It's been a very positive chapter in my life, and having Byron over here recently really helped me realise just how far I've come from that sad little geek that walked off a plane into the UK in 1999. I may not have achieved much in my personal life, but technically and in my career, I'm a little less ignorant than I was back then.

I'll still be the dumbest guy at every conference I go to, but hey, where would the fun be in not having loads to learn?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 - The uncle of the beast

So... my sister Coralie gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Damian, uh sorry, Lyle Davis Pascoe. No, she didn't marry a cousin or anything like that, she's just not married yet.

He was born at 09:23 Jo'burg time and weighed 3.06KG, which I'm told is not a bad size for a kurper. He's about the same length as a 3 kilo kurper too, so at least I can visualise that :) Although he apparently has an appetite and a voice to rival mine, so he's probably up at least around the 3.5KG mark by now.

Congratulations Lyle, Coralie and Vernon. Lyle, I wish you everything you need in life, that things are never quite easy but always achievable and that you grow into the awesome human being that I know you will be. And listen to Grandad's speech about forgiveness and permission - he's spot on the mark with that one and you'll go far if you're cocky enough to pull it off :D Live well little guy!