Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 - The uncle of the beast

So... my sister Coralie gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Damian, uh sorry, Lyle Davis Pascoe. No, she didn't marry a cousin or anything like that, she's just not married yet.

He was born at 09:23 Jo'burg time and weighed 3.06KG, which I'm told is not a bad size for a kurper. He's about the same length as a 3 kilo kurper too, so at least I can visualise that :) Although he apparently has an appetite and a voice to rival mine, so he's probably up at least around the 3.5KG mark by now.

Congratulations Lyle, Coralie and Vernon. Lyle, I wish you everything you need in life, that things are never quite easy but always achievable and that you grow into the awesome human being that I know you will be. And listen to Grandad's speech about forgiveness and permission - he's spot on the mark with that one and you'll go far if you're cocky enough to pull it off :D Live well little guy!


  • If I wasnt in tears right now I would phone you but I know you hate tears! No one ever told me about this-I never knew you did it. I wanted to call him Damian but Noah said you would be the only one who would find it funny.

    By Blogger Coralie, at 5:25 pm  

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