Saturday, June 02, 2007

I fell down!

It's funny to think how much I've got out of skydiving in the last year. Today I logged jumps 86 and 87 from the ever so sexy turbolet at Sibson.

Sibson's a nice dropzone. Not a huge amount of facilities or anything, but a nice vibe and packing outside on the grass has a certain appeal that I really enjoyed.

I didn't do anything too exciting (besides falling out of a plane of course!). My first jump was pure sightseeing with a pull at 5000ft. I just wanted to get used to my canopy at sea level again after the extreme speed in Jo'burg. It was also good to recalibrate my eyes to how big things should be at 3500ft.

You see, at JSC in South Africa, they have bugger all. More importantly, they have an awful lot of bugger all. So you get used to thinking that when a field takes up 50% of your vision you're at 4000ft. If you tried that in jolly old blighty, you'd find yourself closer to 1000ft and the CCI would be requesting your nuts should you survive by some miracle.

So after recalibrating my eyes and delighting in the fact that I don't have to sprint off my landings, I took another fairly relaxed jump. The exit order changed about 6 times from the flightline to the time we got out, but in the end I figured no-one else was left in the plane so I may as well get out.

I normally lob out on my back to watch the people, but there was no-one to wave goodbye this time. That really doesn't help with my abandonment issues, but there you have it !

All in all, a good day - two good flights, I packed the perfect packjob (it opened and everything!) and Cheryl got burned to a crisp. Ah well... 2 out of 3 ain't bad as the man says in the song.


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