Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A briefcase, a lunch and a man on the edge...

Well, it's not really a briefcase... More of a shoulder bag thingy, but the lyrics still work :) I'm 9000KMs away from home, but so what? Gravity still needs testing you know! According to the 'merkins, evolution is just a theory, so I figure that if gravity is also just a theory, I should test it rigorously and often. Newton would appreciate all my hard work even if you ingrates don't!

To this end, I dragged my skydive rig along for this first leg of the adventure, and boy am I glad I did. I just love Johannesburg Skydive Club. They have the best people, the best facilities and great packers. But most importantly, they don't insist that you stay with the plane all the way to the top!

They are about the only DZ I've found outside of Lodi that will let you out early. So after a 2 way with Brando (awesome birdman bloke), I spent the rest of the day getting out of the plane early. I told the tandems that it was because I was scared of heights, but I just wanted the sky to myself. So for three glorious jumps, the plane went to 5000 feet above the ground, and I got out. All by myself. The plane carried on carrying everyone else (in the now even more spacious interior) to the top and I just played for a good few minutes, spiraling, getting the canopy pointing straight at the ground, diving it, all sorts of neat fun.

So that's that then... That'll probably be my last relaxation for the next 6 months, but what a place to do it, and what a way to do it!


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