Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Lemming has landed!

Well, I'm on the ground 9000KMs from home. The main things I learnt during the trip over are...
1. It's hard to use the facilities when you have two suitcases and a shoulder bag that you don't want blowed up. Sorry to any disabled people who had to wait while I abused your bigger room so I could keep my stuff close.

2. Airlines lie. I knew I was going to be at least 2 hours late, but they kept trying to assure us that everything was on time.

3. Shoulder slung bags are useless. I need to get a decent laptop rucksack for the rest of these trips. The shoulder bag pulls you off balance, and slips about. This takes attention away from where it's required, and makes you lurch like a drunken sailor. Not the best idea when the special olympics team are trying to blow the place up and you don't want to draw unwanted attention.

My dad saved Wayne (my new boss, not me... and you better believe that's getting confusing already!) a trip to the airport. Sadly, he did so when Wayne (not me, try to keep up!) had already left the office, so he just turned around and came back.

Yesterday was the first time, and probably the last time that two members of the Pascoe clan signed into the Ericsson Woodmead building, one after the other. Looking at the register brought a tear to my eye, almost like the passing of a torch. Speaking of torches, I wonder what having two Pascoe's on the same site does to their insurance premiums?

The real crowning moment of the day was being abused (and dishing out a little abuse ;)) when we walked down to a meeting room and Noah was finishing up a meeting.

The accommodation is fairly spartan, but comfortable nevertheless. Most importantly, the bandwidth is good and I was able to skype home for 30 minutes last night and a few this morning.

It's kind of weird being back. There are a lot of echos of Wayne's old company (no, not mine - pay attention already!) about the place from mugs to files. There are also a few of the old team in the mix, so in some ways it's a bit of a homecoming.

I'm starting to get an idea on what they want me to do... It's two part really - they want me to wander about the place doing these deployments. And they want me to do anything else that catches my fancy. So I got my first code commit into their application today. Nothing major, but at least there are some sensible MySQL housekeeping scripts in place. I've also got an idea of how to seriously reduce the current deployment time on sites. Now I need to sort out tuning MySQL on the Solaris boxes.

So yeah, I'm still doing basic IT thingy's for now, but tomorrow I start playing with the gear that I'll be using to hook this into the GSM network and then the real learning starts.


  • Boy do I love technology and Skype and of course video too! It makes it feel like you aren't that far from home :-) Miss you loads!

    By Anonymous Cheryl, at 7:20 pm  

  • Two Pascoe's in one place doesn't go!! Insurance premiums skyrocket!!

    By Anonymous The Ancient One, at 6:41 am  

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