Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scan computers? Try Scam computers! allow you to pick a date and a time for your delivery. I picked 'before 10:30 on 18/10' so that I would have time to install it before going to Benin.

At 20:16 on 17/10, I get a mail telling me it is delayed and won't arrive today. So I phoned Scan and found out that it will still be delivered tomorrow. But they can't refund the £15 that they charged me for delivery because the dates that you pick are only an estimate. So I have cancelled the entire order. This now means that they make nothing at all from me, and never will again. For the sake of 15 quid.

And the worst part? They're STILL going to have to pay the courier, because the parcel went out on the van last night.

Absolute bloody genius!

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