Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The chances of anything coming from Mars...

... are pretty damn good if you're married to my wife!

To digress for a few moments, I'd like to head over to the tale of the tortoise and the hare. I hope I'm not spoiling this story for anyone, but basically, there's this race, see? It's a tortoise vs. a hare. Everyone puts their money on the hare, because, hey, hare's are fast, right? But in the end, the tortoise wins through its slow but constant plodding and the hare gets his ass handed to him.

Well, I've got proof that this is a true story because the birthday bunny is the slowest hopping mofo I ever did see! My birthday is in March. Every year. But it took the little bastard until December to deliver the goods this year.

Cheryl claims that she couldn't exactly get a multi-location arena tour moved up a couple of months but does this sound like a good excuse to anyone? No, didn't think so ;)

In case you're even slower than me and hadn't caught on yet, I got to see 'The War of the Worlds' at the dome on Saturday 22/12/2007 and it was freaking amazing!

We're not talking some new age remake crap starring Tom Cruise that takes place in the wrong era, the wrong country and the with the wrong actor, we're talking the full-on original with Jeff Wayne conducting a 48 piece string orchestra and the Black Smoke Band. We're talking about Justin Hayward doing the singing voice of the reporter. We're talking about the honest to gods, proper War of the Worlds live on stage with me in the audience.

One of the performers, the Artilleryman (It's doing the workin' and the thinkin' that wears a feller out!) would make a great replacement for Bruce Dickinson with his mental performance and range of vocals.

I used to listen to this story several lifetimes ago and 9000KMs away, and sitting there watching this whole thing come to life was just out of this world for me (sorry for the pun). Just being in London watching a musical production would have been unthinkable 10 years ago.

What's more impressive is the fact that this isn't something I would have ever expected as a gift. It's not exactly common knowledge that I'm mad about this album and I don't even have a copy in my collection since leaving SA and selling my last copy.

All in all, it was the most amazing gift followed by the most amazing gig of my life. All future gigs will be measured against this one, and sadly probably found wanting. But wow!


  • In hindsight maybe it should have been an early Christmas present ;-)

    By Anonymous Cheryl, at 8:36 pm  

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