Monday, December 03, 2007

RFC2822 and the shoddiness that is Microsoft

Why is it that people feel the need to keep coding up their own e-mail validation libraries? Everyone seems to think that this is a simple task, but many sites fail miserably at it. That might be acceptable if there weren't libraries that do it correctly for almost every language I've ever used, but since we solved this problem years ago, it's not acceptable any more.

Today's case in point is Microsoft. I'm busy moving Penguinpowered to Google Apps and as a result I have a lot fewer e-mail aliases than I used to. Part of my solution is to change my addresses wherever possible to as Google allows the use of + notation to create unique addresses. Sadly, many sites seem to feel that the + sign is not a valid character in an e-mail address. But trust me, it is! Continental Airlines - I'm looking at you here, you retards! 

Microsoft take it a step further. If you try and change your e-mail address in your XboxLive profile, not only does it NOT tell you that it's not happy with your entry, you end up on a 404 - Not Found page. If you try and use what they think is a valid address, and it all works fine.

Would you use an operating system built by idiots who can't even implement a simple validation check of an RFC that's been around since 2001 ? I know I wouldn't!